About this Platform

Welcome to the Fat Girls Day Out site. As a consumer, we are surrounded by a lot of clutter, paid marketing content and subjective bias reviews from various mediums. Often we feel violated with what is presented to us because they are mostly driven by paid advertisements and brand placement. The sincerity of what is being communicated had been compromised.

Our core mission is to provide a platform that filters internet noise. We aim to produce unique and out of the box contents for our readers. The main operative word for this online platform is ‘EXPERIENCE’ as we won’t be featuring any content that hasn’t been personally curated.


We tell the “Why” factor not just the “What”

We won’t be writing and informing you about where a certain restaurant is, type of food or how much you need to prepare for your next Vietnam trip. We will tell you WHY you need to do, go and experience these things and events. How it will affect your perception and change the way you see certain angles. The value that comes with every experience.

Feel free to browse thru our content. We will show you What to Eat, Where to Go and What to Do. Come and join us during our day out!

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